Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Every personal injury claim is serious. When the injury is debilitating or permanent in nature or requires specialized medical care, it is considered to be a catastrophic personal injury. We handle everything from catastrophic injuries to minor injuries including, motion vehicle accidents, boating accidents, slip and falls and other acts of negligence. While past results are not indicative of future outcomes, and every case is different, we are pleased to have been able to obtain numerous multi-million dollar verdicts for our personal injury clients – including an $11 million and an $18 million claim. Further, we have settled various claims ranging from $100,000 to $10 million. These claims represent our ability to help our clients and their families seek justice and move forward in their pursuit of happy and normal lives.

Take a moment to review some of our successes below. And feel free to contact us directly with questions.

Jane Doe v. Four-Wheeled Cart

Our client, an 80-year-old woman, was injured by a four-wheeled motorized cart causing her to sustain a bilateral subdural hematoma (blood clotting) which required a dual craniotomy (surgery on the skull to drain the fluid). Subsequently, our client experienced a pulmonary embolism (blockage of the pulmonary artery) and had related seizures. Our firm settled the case for in excess of $1.2 million one month before trial as a result of mediation and aggressive lawyering.

Jane Doe v. John Doe

Our client, an amateur golf pro, was driving her vehicle on a local street when she was suddenly broadsided by the defendant's vehicle. The defendant's vehicle was insured for only $10,000.00. Our client sustained several cervical and lumbar injuries including, but not limited to, C3-C4 and L5-S1 herniations. She underwent a percutaneous discectomy (removal of a herniated disc). A demand was made for the $10,000.00 policy limits. The insurance carrier refused to timely tender policy limits. The firm filed a lawsuit for negligence. A settlement in excess of $510,000.00 was reached as a result of a global resolution of the underlying personal injury claim and the bad faith claim.

Jane Doe v. Owner of Luxury Vehicle

Our client was a construction worker, working in Palm Beach County. He was run over repeatedly by a driver operating a luxury vehicle. The plaintiff sustained substantial injuries to his body including, but not limited to, his knees, back and spine. The plaintiff sought punitive damages as a result of the defendant’s intentional act. Robert D. Critton, Jr. was instrumental in negotiating a settlement in excess of $1 million.

Richard Cruz, et al., v. J.B. Roig Corp., et al.

One of our associate attorneys and paralegal, Al Benavente (assisting), represented multiple family members (6); including two minors in an automobile crash involving a commercial tractor-trailer. As a result of the accident, one of our clients was diagnosed with brain contusions, cerebral hemorrhaging, multiple left-sided rib fractures, pulmonary contusions, a left clavicle fracture, and other injuries. The other family members sustained various injuries, including broken ribs, a broken sternum and whiplash damage to the neck. The case was settled pre-suit in excess of $2.1 million.

John Doe, Personal Representative of the Estate of Jane Doe v. Drunk Driver

Our client was the personal representative of the estate of his wife, Jane Doe, with respect to an automobile collision which occurred in Lake County, Florida. Jane Doe was a patient being transported in an ambulance while on a gurney. She was a 78-year-old woman. The defendant was the permissive driver of a vehicle owned by a friend, traveling in the opposite direction, when he made a rapid, improper and sudden left turn, crossing the median and striking the ambulance in which Jane Doe was being transported. The speed and force of the impact caused the ambulance to hit a telephone pole, completely breaking it in half. Jane Doe was thrown from the gurney onto the floor, sustaining serious injuries. She was provided emergency medical assistance at the scene by a second crew and immediately transported to the local hospital for her injuries. Upon arrival at the hospital, Jane Doe was immediately administered emergency medical assistance. Her condition took a turn for the worse due to severe internal bleeding and a significant back fracture. She died at the hospital. The case settled pre-suit for a collective amount of $290,000.00 upon submission of a demand letter to each of the prospective defendants.

Widow v. United Nursing Services and Mauricio Garcia

Our client was the widow of a 90-year-old man who died following a fall suffered in his condominium. She had hired a United Nursing Services and thereby Mauricio Garcia to watch her husband at night to make sure that he did not fall or injure himself during the night while she was sleeping. Mr. Garcia left the decedent to throw out some trash and upon his return found him on the floor with a cut to the back of his head. The decedent suffered a subdural hematoma (brain injury) as a result of the fall and died several days later. The case was vigorously contested both on the issues of liability and damages by the nursing agency. Despite our client’s reasonable offers to settle the case, so as to avoid the emotional trauma of trial, the defendants refused. At trial, United Nursing Services not only disputed their employee's negligence, but they argued that the decedent was in poor health, had been referred to Hospice and had a very short life expectancy. Our attorney, Mark Luttier, vigorously represented the surviving spouse through a two week jury trial, at the conclusion of which the jury awarded a verdict of $680,000.00. Rather than pay the verdict, the defendants appealed the verdict. After approximately 1 year and 6 months, the 4th District Court of Appeal affirmed the verdict as well as an order awarding the surviving spouse attorney's fees and costs, for a total amount of approximately $860,000.00. This verdict was one of the largest verdicts ever rendered in the state of Florida arising out of a death of a 90-year-old individual.

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