notable cases: Employment Litigation

At the Law Firm of Critton, Luttier & Coleman, we understand that employment litigation matters may mean the difference between success or failure for our clients. We therefore build a strategy and roadmap for the defense within weeks of filing a complaint or receiving a demand letter. We also realize that prevention is often the best defense and as such, we can help with employment policies, compliance with state and federal laws and workplace safety regulations. We also can help draft fair and enforceable non-compete agreements. Facing employee related charges can be daunting with the outcome having a profound impact on an employee’s current or former company. Let the Law Firm of Critton, Luttier & Coleman help you navigate this difficult process. And read up on some of our recent successes below.

Jane Doe v. Employer

This case involved employer sexual harassment. The client, an attractive, married, 30-year-old woman, was physically and psychologically abused at her job-site every day. She worked for a multi-billionaire, who would constantly communicate with the client in extremely graphic, sexual detail. He threatened her if she would not participate in various sexual acts and he physically attempted to interact with her, even though she fought him off. The client needed to keep her job, as she had a family to support and was virtually trapped by this predator.


Gregory W. Coleman was instrumental in settling the matter within ten days in the Firm's Client's favor.

Employee v. Palm Beach Condominium

Critton, Luttier & Coleman LLP represented an employee of a Palm Beach condominium who was injured when he was crushed against a wall by a 700 lb sub-zero refrigerator that was being moved down a flight of stairs. Because he was working within the scope of his employment, his sole remedy against his employer, the defendant, was a limited recovery permitted under the workers compensation law. Upon investigation by the firm, it was determined that a third party was negligent in the manner in which they attempted to move the refrigerator. The third party was not entitled to immunity under the law.


After filing suit, Mark Luttier was able to resolve the claim against the third party and obtain a settlement from the workers compensation carrier and a waiver of the medical lien resulting in a settlement to the client in excess of $1 million.