Notable Cases: Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

The Law Firm of Critton, Luttier & Coleman is experienced in insurance bad faith litigation. We have successfully litigated cases involving insurance coverage and insurance bad faith with results ranging from $300,000 to $28 million. The Firm is both well-known and respected by the insurance industry. While it can often feel daunting fighting against the powerful insurance companies, a trusted and experience advocate can help you through this difficult process.

Please take a look at some of our successful cases in the area of insurance bad faith litigation below. If you have a question or comment, feel free to contact us directly.

John Doe v. Operator of Semi Truck

Our client was operating a delivery truck on I-95 when he was rear-ended by an eighteen wheeler (semi truck). Our client had to be removed from the vehicle by stretcher. As a result of the accident, physicians determined that he sustained severe cervical herniations. He underwent a surgical fusion of the cervical spine at two separate levels. Our client was out of work for several months and incurred substantial medical costs in excess of $300,000.00. Our client demanded that the defendant settle the case fifteen days before mediation or the defendant’s insurance carrier would be held in bad faith.


The case ultimately settled upon submission of a demand letter prior to mediation for in excess of $1 million.

John and Jane Doe v. Insured

Our client, the plaintiff, was driving his motorcycle on a local Dade County road when a young man crossed the double yellow lines striking our client’s motorcycle with his vehicle. Our client was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami where he was diagnosed with a fractured back and several compression fractures to the spine. The defendant’s vehicle was insured for low limits relative to our client’s injuries. A demand was made for the policy limits. The insurance carrier refused to tender policy limits in a timely manner. The firm filed a lawsuit for negligence.


Our firm negotiated a settlement in excess of ten times the amount of coverage carried by the defendant as a result of a global resolution of the underlying personal injury and bad faith claims.

Luke Korzeniowski, et. al. v. The Medical Protective Company

This case involved catastrophic brain damage sustained by Luke Korzeniowski during his birth.  Counsel for the Korzeniowski family, in the underlying case, obtained a $60,000,000.00 verdict against the physician who delivered Luke, as well as the hospital where he was born. CLC assisted the Plaintiff’s counsel in recovering $20,000,000.00 (policy limits close) from the hospital after the jury rendered its verdict and the court entered it final judgment against the hospital. The physician in question had coverage of $250,000.00 by the defendant, the Medical Protective Company. During the course of litigation, Med-Pro failed to tender their policy limits to protect their insured in a timely basis which led to a second lawsuit against Med-Pro for insurance bad faith.


The Firm litigated the case, and obtained a multi-million dollar settlement for the plaintiff’s family prior to trial.

ABC Corporation v. Commercial Insurance Company

A company’s insurance policy was rescinded pursuant to Florida Statute 627.409 for alleged misrepresentations in the application for insurance.


Our attorneys J. Chris Bristow and Robert D. Critton obtained a confidential multimillion dollar settlement on behalf of the company.

Insured v. Life Insurance Company

Our client was being overcharged for the premiums on his life insurance policy.


Our attorney J. Chris Bristow obtained a confidential settlement in excess of the insurance policy limits for the insured.

Veltre v. Glynn

The insurance carrier failed to protect its insured, our client, and provide timely tender of the insurance policy limits.


Our attorney J. Chris Bristow obtained a pre-suit settlement representing three times of the negligent party’s insurance policy limits. The settlement included all claims for bad faith for the insurance carrier’s failure to protect its insured and timely tender of the insurance policy limits.