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There are many attorneys who handle auto accidents. Choosing the right attorney is a critical and not a decision that should be based on who advertises on television. When deciding on auto accident attorneys, there are three characteristics you must look for:

1. Does the firm have the capabilities to thoroughly investigate the accident and identify the true causes of the accident and injuries?

Rarely is an auto accident just an auto accident. Defective tires or auto design may have come into play. Perhaps one or more of the drivers may have been distracted by their cell phones. Road construction on 1-95, the Florida Turnpike or other South Florida roadways may have contributed. Or the accident could have involved a large truck. Finding the true cause and establishing fault is critical to a successful outcome. Successful outcomes equal successful results for you and your family. Many firms don’t have the resources or experiences to dig deep.

2. Can they maximize my claim and get the insurance company to pay that claim?

Identifying insurance coverage – whether from your policy, the other driver’s, or additional third parties, and getting the appropriate insurance companies to actually pay damages is critical. In this economy, the insurance industry is fighting claims more stringently – and these insurance companies know which auto accident law firms are experienced in maximizing insurance claims, and this can go a long way in getting a successful outcome.

3. Lastly, will they treat me as an individual or a number?

In some firms, the client never sees an attorney, but rather works with a case worker, whose goal is to move the cases quickly, with little regard to the client’s best interest. These firms focus on quantity over quality. At Critton, Luttier & Coleman, you will see an attorney.

Critton, Luttier & Coleman is experienced in both highly complex and routine auto accident cases and has generated multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients. We are also regarded by our peers as a preeminent insurance litigation and insurance bad faith law firm. We favor quality over quantity. Every client gets individualized attention and our clients’ best interest is always our primary concern.

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