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Employee Discrimination, FLSA, ERISA, Wrongful Termination, Breach of Contract

It’s estimated that employers paid out over $250 million in the ten largest wage and hour class-action settlements in 2008, not to mention the untold individual settlements and judgments paid out. In our current economic climate, businesses face many threats including ever-increasing competition, tight financial markets, and increasing regulation.

Now, corporations must also be prepared to defend themselves against a host of employment-related claims:

» Employment-related class action lawsuits

» Claims of employment discrimination – including age, gender, disability, race and religion

» Claims under the Federal Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) and the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

» Wrongful termination

» Whistleblower claims

» Breach of contract claims

As the above $250 million figure demonstrates, successful defense against an employee claim can be the difference between a business that thrives and grows and one that may be forced into bankruptcy.

There is no doubt that employees have the right to fair treatment and legislation such as FLSA and ERISA and other Employee Protection Legislation (EPL) have been enacted to ensure that employees are protected and fairly treated. However, this protection does not preclude employers from their rights and access to effective legal representation.

When employers are faced with litigation, they need seasoned trial attorneys who have a practical approach to litigation and an innate understanding of the employer’s business. We’ve handled numerous commercial cases involving employment claims and other commercial litigation matters. The Firm has represented closely held and public entities, partnerships, limited liability companies and joint ventures efficiently and discretely.

As we understand that employment litigation matters may mean the difference between success or failure for our clients, we will build a strategy and roadmap for the defense within weeks of filing a complaint or receiving a demand letter.

We also realize that prevention is often the best defense and as such, we can help with employment policies, compliance with state and federal laws and workplace safety regulations. We also can help draft fair and enforceable non-compete agreements.

Facing employee related charges can be daunting with the outcome having a profound impact on your company; however, the law firm of Critton, Luttier & Coleman is your trusted advocate and will help you through this difficult process.

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